Roof Repair

Roofing inspection, repair, and replacement

A Roof that needs Repair is A Hazard to your Safety and Home

Water penetrating through the singles to the wood

When discussing roof damage, it’s important to understand that it primarily affects 3 major categories of your life:

  1. The personal, physical Danger of yourself and your family
  2. The physical structure of your home and property
  3. The Peace of mind and stress it can add to your life

Three things you need to protect at all cost!

Here is the good news. If located and repaired early, the damage can typically be repaired with few negative effects to yourself or your property. So, you should definitely contact a roofing specialist as soon as you even suspect that you may have an issue.

How Do I Know If I Have a Damaged Roof?

  • Water leaking through the ceiling
  • Spots on your ceiling
  • Water or moister in your attic
  • Animals nest
  • Draft inside home
  • Temperature difference in certain areas of the home
  • Shingles laying outside or around your yard

Roof Damage tends to happen due to the following causes

Hail storm on house
Hail storm on house
  • Hail storms
  • Wind Damage
  • Snow accumulation
  • Tropical storms
  • UV rays from the sun
  • Falling tree limbs
  • Animal infestation
  • Wear and tear from age

Even a non-expert can recognize a damaged roof by a simple walk around the exterior the house without climbing onto the home.

5 Signs a home shows that needs it’s Roof repaired

  • Water penetration
  • Structural damaged
  • Mold growth
  • Animal infestation
  • Cooling and heating bill going up due to poor insulation

Due to the potential threats to your health and home, we recommend you contact a trusted Roofing specialist at the earliest sign of a leak or damage.

Why risk it? Have your home professionally inspected and repaired today!

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